Independent Targets Inland Empire’s ‘Corrupt Ken’ Calvert, Focuses on Ideals of American Democracy

June 19, 2017

John Barron

(Corona, CA) – Residents in California’s 42nd Congressional District now have the choice of true representation in Washington with the entry of Matt Woody into the 2018 race.

Woody, 42, a former major-media-market journalist and small-business operator, will bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans while highlighting the unethical behavior of the district’s career politician, Ken Calvert.

“All across America, citizens know their political system is broken,” said Woody, a longtime Corona resident. “Corrupt politicians ignore the will and the rights of the people, and hyper-partisanship breeds obstructionism and prevents real solutions to our nation’s problems.

“You can’t expect anyone who’s part of the system to even want meaningful change, let alone try to make it happen. As The People’s Candidate for Congress, I’ll be breaking all the rules of the political establishment to launch a new era in American politics, starting right here in Southern California.”

The five foundations of the Woody 2018 campaign highlight what’s sadly been missing in American politics. They are: integrity, good governance and accountability, community service, non-partisanship, and a complete rejection of special interests.

“It’s time to get back to the kind of politics that made America great and established us a beacon of democracy for the entire world,” Woody said. “Mine will be a campaign of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s very clear who the Constitution puts first, and so will I.”

The 2018 election will give Southern Californians in District 42 an opportunity to vote out an old-style politician known for his lack of integrity and who caters only to his elite donors. In his place, they’ll be able to elect a lifelong independent who will represent the people of the district instead of his own interests.

Woody believes our nation needs leaders who put integrity and idealism above ideology, and he’s ready to set an example.

“If you want to make a difference, the first step is to believe you can,” Woody said. “Our campaign is not about Republican or Democrat. It’s not about conservative, liberal or middle of the road. It’s about America. Period.

“I’m entering this campaign because, as a patriot, I’m offended by the way ‘Corrupt Ken’ Calvert has abused his office and ignored the Constitution and the people of the 42nd District. It’s an insult to democracy.”

Woody is confident that Riverside County voters will hold “Corrupt Ken” accountable.

“If you look beyond the ‘D’ or ‘R’ label, you’ll see that integrity is paramount. And that means there is a better way,” he said. “I look forward to engaging the people of the 42nd District, earning their votes and serving them in the House of Representatives. I know our nation’s best days are ahead, and I plan to help lead the way.”

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