Ken Calvert represents everything that’s wrong with Congress.

Not accountable to your constituents? Check. Unrestrained cash-grab from lobbyists and special interests? Check. Personal scandal? Questionable financial dealings? Keep your head down and vote the partly line no matter what? Check, check, check.

It takes an UTTER LACK OF INTEGRITY to do what Ken Calvert has done over the last two decades. Without integrity, you’re corrupt.

Too much is at stake for our country, so I’m not going to mince words – the citizens of the 42nd District deserve the plain truth. So my campaign as the People’s Candidate for Congress will also be a CAMPAIGN AGAINST “CORRUPT KEN.”

Given my background, I put my investigative journalism skills to use as I thought about whether to run against Ken Calvert. When someone’s in Congress, there are miles of public records about what they’ve done. It just takes a few clicks if you know where to look.

I expected to dig and dig and maybe find something ethically dubious that I could call Ken Calvert out over. But I was surprised how easily I started finding one big red flag after another. Not only was I outraged about what he’d done, but it was even worse knowing HE’S TOTALLY GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT! The news media could’ve exposed “Corrupt Ken” long ago, but they’ve been asleep on the job!

My campaign is continuing to investigate Ken Calvert, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s look at the undisputed parts of his long, lousy track record.

  • During his first term in Congress years ago, Ken Calvert couldn’t keep it in his pants – CORONA POLICE CAUGHT HIM HAVING SEX WITH A PROSTITUTE IN A CAR. While no one should be judged by their worst moment, this episode “exposed” a lot about the character of our area’s career politician.
  • For years, Calvert has invested heavily in real estate. The problem is that his real estate investments have repeatedly depended on local officials in our district approving his projects. And WHO’S GOING TO SAY NO TO THEIR OWN U.S. CONGRESSMAN? Calvert could’ve invested his money anywhere, but clearly he thinks there’s no point of being in Congress if he can’t profit off that status.
  • Calvert continues this M.O. even to the current day. Earlier this year, Corona officials OK’d an expansion by one of his businesses in the city. In order for that to happen, two of Calvert’s major campaign donors had to endorse mitigation measures for the project. YEP, THE FIX WAS IN! (AND THE MEDIA NEVER REPORTED ON IT.)
  • One of his land purchases, in Mira Loma, was bought from a local government agency without a public bidding process (required by law). Calvert denied doing anything wrong, but come on! It was very telling that once the whole sordid affair came out, he and his partners refused to do the right thing and simply cancel the sale. Our public officials should be above reproach, not trying to “game the system”!
  • Calvert also has raised eyebrows by flipping commercial property in his district after directing federal tax dollars to pay for infrastructure in the vicinity. Again, he claims he did nothing wrong.
  • As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he’s resorted to backroom, unaccountable “earmarks” to sneak funding into bills. Calvert is widely regarded as one of the worst offenders in this area – in a three-year period, HE COST TAXPAYERS $100 MILLION, and who knows how much over his career.
  • Given all his shady decisions, Calvert earned the “honor” of being named FOUR YEARS IN A ROW AS ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE by a watchdog group, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
  • In 2015, Calvert authored a provision to allow the Confederate flag to be displayed at national cemeteries. After the fact, he claimed he was suckered into it by Republican leaders. But the Confederate flag is a racist symbol, and one that glorifies people who fought against our United States. If Calvert doesn’t know better about something so obvious, THERE’S NO HELPING HIM.
  • IT’S NO SURPRISE THAT KEN CALVERT REFUSES TO MEET THE PEOPLE OF THE 42ND DISTRICT FACE TO FACE IN A TOWN HALL. It’s been nearly a decade since he has, because his record is simply indefensible!

As I said, there will be more revelations to come about Ken Calvert, and my campaign very well may file a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

I believe Ken Calvert’s actions over the years show HE IS POLITICALLY CORRUPT, ETHICALLY CORRUPT AND MORALLY CORRUPT. He may not be legally corrupt – yet – but unfortunately for our district, he still has a year and a half left in office.