Serve 42

My campaign is rewriting the rules about what politics should be, bringing people together and replacing big money with big idealism. Until I get to a chance to change Washington, we’ll be making a difference right here in California’s 42nd District.

Our community service initiative, Serve 42, runs parallel to the campaign and needs just as many volunteers. The more people who join with us, THE MORE GOOD WE’LL DO together for our neighbors and fellow citizens.

Just like my campaign, Serve 42 is brand new. We’re in the process of making contacts across Riverside County and are planning for our first community service opportunity later this summer. Check back here for updates, or follow my campaign on social media for all the latest.

You’re not political? You don’t like my views on health care or other issues? No matter! You still can VOLUNTEER FOR SERVE 42 AND HELP YOUR COMMUNITY. Sign up today!

We also want to hear from you if you’re affiliated with community organizations or charities in our area. We’re looking to partner with existing groups so we can make an even bigger impact than we could on our own!

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