The Issues

Most politicians don’t want you to know how they stand on the issues, but I believe in open dialogue and transparency. You’d be hard-pressed to find another candidate anywhere who tells you as much about their views.

There is no issue that affects our lives so personally, and no issue in which our broken political system has failed us as much. Our health care system has been a disaster for years, all because of corporate greed enabled by corrupt politicians.

Obamacare got a few things right – protecting those with pre-existing conditions, allowing children to stay on parents’ plans until age 26, eliminating lifetime limits on insurance plans – but also failed miserably in many ways. However, the Republican plan that the House approved last year (the AHCA) was exponentially worse! KEN CALVERT NOT ONLY VOTED FOR IT, HE WAS A FULL-THROATED SUPPORTER OF THIS DISASTER IN THE MAKING.

Health care is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with our political system, where our so-called leaders put their party over their country.

HERE’S THE REAL TRUTH: There are common sense, reasonable reforms that keep us away from socialized medicine while PROTECTING PATIENTS AND MAKING HEALTH CARE AFFORDABLE, but neither the Democrats nor Republicans will implement them. Why? Because these necessary reforms will eat into the profits of Big Pharma, the insurance companies, and doctors and hospitals, and these are THE INDUSTRIES BANKROLLING POLITICIANS OF BOTH PARTIES.

Just one example of many: Medicare covers over 40 million Americans, but it is prevented by law from negotiating prescription drug prices. Congress has repeatedly refused (when controlled by each party) to change that and save taxpayers billions.

It’s time to take on the lobbyists and SPECIAL INTERESTS THAT ARE COSTING AMERICAN CITIZENS AND BUSINESSES BILLIONS and making affordable health care for all just a pipe dream! Our corrupt politicians won’t do it, but I will – because I serve the people!

In fact, I’M PUTTING MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS. If, by the time I’m elected, Congress hasn’t approved a real fix for health care that protects affordable coverage, I will take immediate action.

  1. ON THE FIRST DAY OF CONGRESS, I WILL INTRODUCE A BILL TO TAKE AWAY HEALTH BENEFITS FROM OUR ELECTED LEADERS IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE, INCLUDING MYSELF. Americans are counting on their legislators, and if they don’t fix the system, then they don’t deserve their health benefits.

  2. I will donate to charity an amount equal to 2 years’ worth of a Congressman’s health benefits.

Leadership means setting an example that others can follow. The tougher the issue, the more important that leadership is. I will show our corrupt politicians what it means to TRULY SERVE THE PEOPLE. The other 534 members of the House and Senate can either be part of the problem or part of the solution!

Whenever I read the Constitution, I am amazed by the foresight and wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Our nation is unique in this world in blending representative democracy with separation of powers and – most important of all – a clear articulation of the RIGHTS OF CITIZENS WHILE LIMITING THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT to infringe on those rights.

Most politicians play favorites with the rights spelled out in the Constitution (think Second Amendment), or casually toss them aside when partisanship demands it (religious freedoms, freedom of speech).

But as the People’s Candidate, you can be absolutely sure I’LL STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION as written, whenever ANY of our rights are threatened. Our freedoms are literally why America was created, and I’m all in. If it’s in the Constitution, I’ll fight for you and every other American.

One part of the Constitution you don’t hear much about is the 14th Amendment, but it shows again what an amazing document we have at the foundation of our democracy. The 14th Amendment contains the Equal Protection Clause, which very simply guarantees that every single American should be TREATED EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW, no matter who they are, what their background is, or where they live. This may be THE MOST AMERICAN of any part of the Constitution!

It’s not surprising that when our government fails to respect the 14th Amendment, the result is injustice that’s NOT ONLY IMMORAL BUT 100% UN-AMERICAN.

The U.S. government has a spending problem, and WORKING AMERICANS GET STUCK WITH THE BILL for this irresponsibility. When we put our tax dollars in the hands of corrupt politicians, what else do we expect will happen?

If you look at the true mission of government and compare it to where our tax dollars go, you’ll see a huge disconnect. It’s been happening for decades. But no more! It’s time to DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND AGAINST WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Our so-called leaders are simply passing the buck to future generations even though the money won’t be there.

The federal government has to live within its means, just like regular Americans do. With a national debt of $21 trillion and growing fast, we can’t put the burden on our children just so Republicans or Democrats can claim a political victory. The madness must end now!

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment the Republicans have had during the Trump administration was passing their tax reform bill. Yes, a good chunk of middle-class Americans will have their taxes cut (although a far smaller percentage of Californians), but make no mistake, the Republican tax reform was, at its core, A GIVEAWAY TO BIG CORPORATIONS AND THE SUPER-WEALTHY. The GOP used a chainsaw when a scalpel was required, and the very predictable result has come to pass: American taxpayers’ debt is exploding – $21 BILLION AND RISING FAST! That’s $60,000 for every man, woman and child in America. Can you afford that?

THE POLITICAL PARTIES ARE MORTGAGING OUR FUTURE FOR THEIR OWN SHORT-TERM GAIN. Republicans are enamored with tax cuts that we can’t afford, while Democrats love the idea of big-government spending that we also can’t afford. EITHER WAY, WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!

Our government must live within its means, and the only way that will happen is if we elect leaders who push for FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY for our nation. Ken Calvert may be a Republican, but he voted to increase our deficit many times in the past year. And, not surprisingly, he also VOTED FOR EVERY SINGLE OBAMA BUDGET. I don’t know whose side he’s on, but it’s clearly not taxpayers’.

Common sense must have a place in our federal budget and tax system. Sure, there are tricky issues to tackle, but others are simple – for example, we must CLOSE TAX LOOPHOLES AND END CORPORATE WELFARE. What American principle says taxpayers like you and me should be supporting businesses that have every advantage and pay corrupt politicians to do their bidding?


How is this even an issue in 2017? It’s time for our corporate leaders to take a stand and answer the question – should women be paid the same as men for the same work? IT’S WALL STREET’S BOTTOM LINE THAT BENEFITS FROM THE DOUBLE STANDARD. If our politicians won’t stand up for what’s right and support more transparency in this area, then it’s time for new leaders who will!

As someone who’s operated a small business, I know firsthand the challenges and long hours … the blood, sweat and tears that come with the job. It is not an easy road, by any means. And frankly, our federal, state and local governments have failed us – we need sensible, unobtrusive regulations and to promote policies that allow small and medium-sized businesses to succeed and grow. We must be CONSTANTLY VIGILANT AGAINST AN OVERREACHING OR INEFFECTIVE GOVERNMENT.

Along these same lines, the Small Business Administration is pretty much a joke. I know of so many entrepreneurs who’ve said the SBA was just A SLAMMED DOOR IN THE FACE when they tried to get a game-changing idea off the ground. I believe this is a situation where government can learn from the private sector. If the SBA operated more like a venture capital firm instead of a 1950s bank, not only could we see breakthroughs in any number of sectors of the economy, but our government could profit significantly when it makes wise investments in entrepreneurship.

What if the SBA were able to essentially pay for it itself? Then we could save taxpayers almost $1 billion dollars a year while boosting our economy even more for the long term!

NOTHING IS MORE CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF ANY BUSINESS THAN ITS EMPLOYEES. As a leader of diverse groups of workers in multiple industries, I’ve witnessed how a team can be greater than the sum of its parts when people are properly trained, motivated and challenged to grow, as well as recognized and rewarded for their efforts. It absolutely is a hallmark of how well-run businesses operate. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they’ll tell you the same!

Unfortunately, not all businesses are well-run, and it’s surprising how many of them treat their workers as a liability rather than their greatest asset, especially bigger corporations. It’s almost like once companies grow to a certain point, employees are no longer treated as people but as “labor cost” on the P&L.

That type of mindset is not just bad business, it’s completely un-American! OUR COUNTRY WAS MADE GREAT BECAUSE OF ONE THING: HARD WORK BY AMERICANS OF EVERY BACKGROUND. It’s time for us as a nation to again embrace that ideal and have a government that gives working Americans the respect they deserve.

When Washington elites talk about working Americans, they use the term as a euphemism for blue-collar workers or lower-income earners. My definition of working Americans is much broader. It also includes professionals, middle managers, small-business owners – basically ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY HAS TO WORK TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILY AND REACH FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM. So, yes, the “1 percenters” who are set for life don’t fall into this category, but the rest of us share a common bond as the engine that makes America run.

Again, it’s time for us to show ALL WORKING AMERICANS the respect we used to. I will work to make that happen, or else you can hold me accountable.

There’s a lot of debate in politics about global warming, or “climate change,” as the pundits say. Are humans responsible? What’s the verdict from scientists?

Well, the answer is easy: It’s all irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if global warming is caused by man, cows or even space aliens, it doesn’t change our responsibility. GOD PUT US ON THIS EARTH TO BE GOOD STEWARDS OF IT. WE HAVE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Even 4-year-olds know not to litter. If we know better, what’s the excuse to not take action?

But that seems to be a point lost on the current administration. Just recently, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accords environmental pact. It’s shocking that we’re giving up such an important leadership role on the global stage, but for what? American Big Business was in favor of the Paris Accords, and EVEN OIL COMPANIES LIKE EXXON AND SHELL SUPPORTED IT. If they weren’t for the move, then who benefits? It simply makes no sense.


The America I know leads the way or finds a better way. That won’t be done by shirking our responsibility.

American liberty is all about being free to live how we want to, without interference from outside influences. THE CONSTITUTION UNAMBIGUOUSLY PROTECTS THE PEOPLE FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT, and any representative worth his or her salt stands with our citizens. Mass surveillance by agencies like the NSA is offensive and completely un-American.

But in 2017, we also must be on guard from corporations invading our privacy. It’s all about money to them, and earlier this year, Ken Calvert voted to let Internet providers sell your and my browsing history to the highest bidder without giving us a choice. It’s no surprise that AT&T funded his last campaign to the tune of $10,000. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!

Why do so many horrible and corrupt politicians get elected time and time again? It’s simple. The two parties have written the rules to benefit themselves and NOT GIVE A TRUE CHOICE TO THE PEOPLE. They have rigged the system so that it will be “D” vs. “R” in the election.

In California, though, we’re leading the way in America with pro-voter innovations like our top-two primary system and independent redistricting commission. But there is still much work to be done, especially in other states.

GERRYMANDERING of congressional districts keeps the Republicans and Democrats in control and ROBS AMERICAN CITIZENS OF THEIR POWER. IT’S TIME TO END THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL PRACTICE NOW! There are numerous other common-sense voting reforms that will empower the people as our Founding Fathers intended, but the corrupt politicians won’t let it happen. Show them who’s boss – join with me and insist on your rights!