The Two-Party Scam

Why does it seem like nothing ever gets done in Washington? Or that our politicians don’t actually care about our nation’s problems or the rights of its citizens? REAL AMERICANS ARE SICK AND TIRED OF IT, and that’s why Congress’ approval rating has been around 20 percent for the past decade.

What’s amazing is that none other than GEORGE WASHINGTON KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. After 8 years in office, President Washington, in his Farewell Address to the nation – we had just 16 states then – gave a strong warning about the corruption of democracy through partisan politics. Is it any surprise that one of our strongest and wisest leaders was right about this too?

All the corrupt politicians say they’re willing to work across the aisle with the other party. But after the fact, they don’t bother to tell their constituents that, in reality, they vote the party line almost every single time. Whatever they have to do so the money doesn’t dry up.

Read below for examples where THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS TOGETHER sold our country out.

It’s obvious to everyone that our country has a huge problem with immigration. Visitors come into our country and overstay their visas, or others sneak across the Mexican border in search of a better life. And unscrupulous businesses employ illegal workers and hurt Americans by keeping wages low.

Our country’s last major immigration reform took place over 30 years ago, under President Reagan. Since then, we’ve had Republicans as president, Democrats as president, Republicans controlling the House and Senate, Democrats controlling the House and Senate. Yet the problem has only gotten worse.

There are many reasons to be upset about our nation’s immigration dilemma, but we should FOCUS THE OUTRAGE AT THE TWO PARTIES THAT HAVE BEEN PUTTING THEIR OWN INTERESTS AHEAD OF AMERICA’S FOR DECADES. Democrats know that many illegal immigrants will have children in America, and those kids will grow up to – more often than not – vote for Democrats. Republicans cater to Wall Street over working people, and they know that illegal immigration drives down wages and saves businesses money.

So BOTH CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO LET THIS JOKE OF AN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM LIVE ON while doing nothing about it – or, worse, outright standing in the way of a solution.

Back in 2013, there was a rare bipartisan effort to solve the immigration mess once and for all. It might not have been a perfect solution, but it was good enough to be approved by over a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Sure, that sounds impressive, but then what happened was no surprise … the OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICANS IN THE HOUSE (INCLUDING KEN CALVERT) DIDN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO EVEN VOTE ON IT, and simply let the bill expire. Americans continue to lose while lousy and corrupt politicians keep getting elected!

Health care is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with our political system, where OUR SO-CALLED LEADERS PLAY POLITICS WITH AMERICANS’ HEALTH AND PUT THEIR PARTY OVER THEIR COUNTRY.

Everyone knew our health care system was plagued by runaway costs and sometimes hard-to-get care, mostly due to insurance and drug companies’ greed. Yet DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS, BEHOLDEN TO COUNTLESS SPECIAL INTERESTS, DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR MANY YEARS, instead letting Americans like you and me, and the businesses we work for or run, bear the brunt of it to fatten Wall Street’s profits.

Obamacare was flawed from the start – which, thinking logically about it, is not unexpected for such a huge change – but 7 years in, neither of the parties tried even one bit to correct those flaws. Instead, all we’ve gotten is the same nonstop partisan bickering so they can keep “dark money” and corporate and union contributions flowing in. SHOULDN’T OUR POLITICIANS WORK FOR THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF ONLY THEIR BIG DONORS?

The battle over Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch this year was about procedure as much as ideology. For generations, the Senate has needed 60 out of 100 members to agree on something (or at least not strongly oppose it) in order to have a final vote.

Because Washington has become so much more partisan in recent years, the Democrats dug in their heels on Gorsuch even though he was universally regarded as qualified for the job. So the Republicans tossed out decades of precedent and just changed the rules to get their way, saying the Democrats had pulled the same stunt a few years before (which, of course, they had).

Both Republican and Democratic senators boo-hooed over how it played out, but the real loser was the Senate itself as an institution of American democracy. And guess what? NEITHER SIDE TOOK ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT WHATSOEVER. IT WAS JUST THE BLAME GAME AND POLITICS AS USUAL. Why? Because the corrupt politicians only care about getting elected, and EXTREME PARTISANSHIP IS WHAT SELLS TO THE MONEYED ELITE AND FAT-CAT DONORS. It was a classic Washington trick: “Don’t worry, we got this. Just keep the money coming!”

As long as the special interests control Washington, there’s little incentive for Democrats and Republicans to work together. Don’t fall for the propaganda that both parties put out and blame whichever one you think is the other side. Blame both sides!

The truth is it’s the Republicans and Democrats vs. the American people. They want to limit your choices to Corrupt and More Corrupt. BUT THERE IS A BETTER WAY, A WAY OUR FOUNDING FATHERS ENVISIONED. And that’s to break free of the corrupt two-party system.

The Independent movement is rising – it’s one of the biggest movements in politics, but it’s a story the parties and the media don’t want you to hear about.

There are currently two Independents in the Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine. And while the House has no Independents, California has a long history of leading the way, and next year’s election in the 42nd District will be another example! Matt Woody, the People’s Candidate, will be first new Congressman elected as an Independent in over 25 years, and just the third overall in modern times.